Ukulele Video & Photo Contest Starting July, 2018


Entries begin!! Click here for details.


The 4 departments!


  • TechniqueDepartment

    By watching your submitted video of under 3 minutes, we will examine your overall technical skills by looking at musical expression, showmanship, and playing techniques! This department will be split into 3 different categories; Instrumentals, Performances with singing, and U-15 (for junior-high schooler or younger).

  • PerformanceDepartment

    We will be choosing our winner for this department by watching your video, which must be under 3 minutes, and by examining the overall joy, energy and enthusiasm put into your performances! We will be deciding the winner based on schools, circles, or clubs, and not individuals. Please feel free to submit your ukulele performances!

  • CommercialDepartment

    For this department, please submit a 30 second commercial which promotes ukuleles. You do not need to be playing a ukulele in your commercial, but please make sure that your commercials are inspiring and make people to want to actually play a ukulele!

  • PhotoDepartment

    The theme of this department is “a Ukulele and ….”! Please submit your creative and intriguing ukulele photos by uploading them on Twitter or Instagram!

It is possible to submit videos/photos in more than one department, but you are only allowed one video/photo per department.



  • April


    There will be information and contents added, such as the announcements of special guest judges, and demonstration videos by professional ukulele players!

  • July


    Please submit the YouTube video that you uploaded! Please be aware that the maximum length of the video differs depending on the department you register for.

  • Oct.


    For the Photo, Ukulele commercial, and Performance departments, there will also be an Audience Choice Award in which winners will be chosen based on the amount of “likes” their videos/photos receive.

Schedule is subject to change without notice.

The Ukulele Contest~4ALL〜


In order to further develop ukulele playing techniques and to find talented individuals, we started the “Famous Ukulele Contest” in 2002. Through the endless support from the music industry and the supporting team, the contest eventually became known as “The Ukulele Contest” ever since its 4th run. This historical contest will be holding its 10th anniversary contest later in 2019, which will be a large turning point for us. We are extremely grateful to those who have supported us throughout the years, and a special thanks goes out to anyone who has participated in our events.

Furthermore, after the 10thanniversary contest, we plan to make advancements to “the Ukulele Contest” in order for it to become one step closer to our ultimate goal of bringing more excitement into the ukulele community. As 2018 is the year prior to the upcoming anniversary contest, we wish to have more and more participants in this year’s contest. Thus, we will be holding “The Ukulele Contest~4ALL~”, a contest based on submissions of videos and photos.

As we get ready for the official start of our movement, we will dedicate this first year to working in sync with the preparation for the anniversary contest, and to keep progressing as an organization. Therefore, we wish for further support and participation from our loving ukulele community.

Lastly, thank you to those who have supported “The Ukulele Contest”, and we look forward for your support onward.

"The Ukulele Contest" Executive Committee
Kyoko Hara

About "The Ukulele Contest~4ALL〜"

This contest will be divided into four departments (the technique department, performance department, ukulele commercial department, and the photo department). All videos and photos will be evaluated online in order to allow more participants to enter. We wish for individuals to overcome boundaries such as age, gender, and race, and to understand each other’s differences through the joyous harmonies that the 4 strings of ukuleles create. Though this may be easier said than done, we strongly believe that this can become a reality through ukuleles.

For the sake of our vision, and for those who have contributed to “The Ukulele Contest” in some shape or form, we will proudly be holding, “The Ukulele Contest~4ALL~”.

Let us spread the sound of the ukulele to all!

"The Ukulele Contest~4ALL~" Executive Committee