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It is possible to submit videos/photos in more than one department, but you are only allowed one video/photo per department.


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The Ukulele Contest~4ALL〜


In order to further develop ukulele playing techniques and to find talented individuals, we started the “Famous Ukulele Contest” in 2002. Through the endless support from the music industry and the supporting team, the contest eventually became known as “The Ukulele Contest” ever since its 4th run. This historical contest will be holding its 10th anniversary contest later in 2019, which will be a large turning point for us. We are extremely grateful to those who have supported us throughout the years, and a special thanks goes out to anyone who has participated in our events.

Furthermore, after the 10thanniversary contest, we plan to make advancements to “the Ukulele Contest” in order for it to become one step closer to our ultimate goal of bringing more excitement into the ukulele community. As 2018 is the year prior to the upcoming anniversary contest, we wish to have more and more participants in this year’s contest. Thus, we will be holding “The Ukulele Contest~4ALL~”, a contest based on submissions of videos and photos.

As we get ready for the official start of our movement, we will dedicate this first year to working in sync with the preparation for the anniversary contest, and to keep progressing as an organization. Therefore, we wish for further support and participation from our loving ukulele community.

Lastly, thank you to those who have supported “The Ukulele Contest”, and we look forward for your support onward.

“The Ukulele Contest” Executive Committee
Kyoko Hara

第一回 The Ukulele Contest~4ALL~について


昨年開催した第0回「The Ukulele Contest ~4ALL~」。多くの方にご参加いただけるよう、すべてオンライン上の動画で審査を行った結果、総勢160組以上の応募があり、各SNSでも多くの反響がありました。たくさんの方にサポート頂き、多くの方のウクレレ愛を感じられる企画となりました。




過去大会の「ジ・ウクレレコンテスト」を前進させた「The Ukulele Contest~4ALL~」。ウクレレの音色をすべての人に届けるきっかけになるような、そんな大会になるよう、実行委員一同、尽力して参ります。
The Ukulele Contest~4ALL~ 実行委員会代表
木村 新